It is your birthright to be free. Not shackled by shoulds and confined by expectations.

And yet…

There’s a delicate balance you’re trying to achieve.
There’s an unattainable image you’re longing to embody.
There’s an impossibly long list of things you need, want and have to do.
There’s an emotional load that you’re committed to carrying – for yourself & for others.

As sensitive and empathic women, we’re not taught to be strong. We’re not encouraged to embody our power. This can lead us to be disconnected from our unique essence, losing our sense of self and over time feeling lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, unfulfilled, unworthy, disconnected, empty and tired.

My dear sister,
You are on this planet to be free! 

FREE to shake off the unattainable standards set for you by others.

FREE to escape all the ‘shoulds’, ‘don’ts’ and ‘to-dos’ projected onto you.

FREE to bare your beauty, grace, truth and fire once and for all.

FREE to love your body, love yourself & love your life.

FREE to be fully self-expressed and speak your truth.

FREE to say goodbye to shame and guilt. 

FREE to embrace the calling of Goddess, Priestess, Divine Spirit that you are.

As Women, we want to FEEL Beautiful and ALIVE again.

What makes us believe we can do this on our own by over-thinking our way back to feeling Beautiful & Alive?  No, we need support. There is no reason to do it alone. 

Revival Dance ® gets you feeling alive and powerful, joyous, beautiful, found and free.

With Revival Dance ® you will be re-wilded. You will reclaim your power, your beauty, your joy, your truth and once and for all embody the essence of who you are while being supported along the way!

Revival Dance® is a transformational, online program and journey using dance and movement to Re-Awaken, Reclaim and Revive Your Innate Spirit. 

Revival Dance® is for women everywhere, designed to lead you back to you, remembering who you are, experiencing your divine beauty and freeing your body, your spirit and your joy.

Your body is the portal to your divinity.


    You can fully participate and practice from your own space, wherever you are. Over our 11 weeks together, I’ll guide you through 9 portals designed to let you reconnect with your body and soul, releasing what no longer serves you, and dancing into all of who you are with reverence and abandon.


    This is not about knowing the moves or keeping up! Revival Dance invites you just to move, feel and heal. I’ll supply you with all the context, music, guidance and permission you need to establish and enjoy this Revival Dance practice, rediscovering and reclaiming who you naturally are.


    The program unfolds, intentionally, to help you excavate, understand and release emotional load, helping you feel lighter and freer. We work within safety and structure so I can guide you through manageable stages and equip you with powerful tools to enjoy profound shifts, while you access a new place of joy, stability, power and self-love.

Revival Dance® is everything you need to feel safe while you explore freely!

You’ll get:

  • Playlists uniquely and intuitively designed to support your personal healing and transformation through each of the 9 specific portals of movement.

  • Nine 90-minute virtual calls where I will reveal and guide you through that particular portal along with time for Q&A, sharing, reflection, inspiration, guidance and support. Recordings will be available if you can't make it live.

  • A members-only portal loaded with resources, audio trainings and music.

  • Membership in our private Revival Dance Facebook group: your opportunity to connect with your guide (me!) and other women in the group. It’s an ideal place to gain support, to be witnessed and witness others, to share yourself and your journey.

  • 24/7 access to all audio recordings and FB videos.

  • A special opportunity to add two private sessions with me to support you through your journey at a special participant-only price.

  • Access to each of the 9 Portals of Revival Dance, as they are revealed, that will assist you on your journey for a lifetime.

This body is yours. It’s your home. The keeper of your soul. The resting place of your spirit. No one can ever take that away.

-Susan Colasanti
This body is yours. It’s your home. The keeper of your soul. The resting place of your spirit. No one can ever take that away.

Fast Action Bonuses

  • Bonus #1
    Register by 5/5 (11:59 PM ET)

    Access to three additional group calls via Zoom with me for added support, laser coaching and Q&A, held in between the 3rd, 6th, and final weeks. Calls will be recorded if you can't attend live.

  • Bonus #2
    Register by 5/8 (11:59 PM ET)

    Receive a free MP3 of my Body-Soul Revival Movement Meditation to deepen into your practice with your body and your spirit.

Revival Dance® Re-Awaken, Reclaim, and Revive Your Innate Spirit. Your guided online journey through movement starts May 15, 2019

Your Revival Dance® Guide

Hello Beautiful Soul, I’m Dana.

Even the most intuitive of us can get stuck. I spent years working with clients through multiple modalities of healing, and still felt that I myself needed to heal. Although I knew I was making a difference to others, I still felt as though something in my life-force was lacking. I knew there was another level of authenticity I wanted to express through my work, but I felt unable to access it.

In time I came to realize that I was preoccupied with “doing it right.” I was following a mass of healing modality “rules” I had learned while training and obtaining multiple certifications. Rather than embodying what I had been teaching others – ‘let the body guide’, I was trying too hard to “get it right”. No wonder things in my life didn’t feel aligned.

In the past, I had healed my own suppressed soul, eating disorder, relationship challenges, low self-esteem, loss of power, shame, guilt, body dysmorphia, unworthiness and chronic self-deprecation. When I felt distant and closed off from my own heart, I would come back home to my body, feel my own rhythm and dance. I would move through the portal that was speaking to me in the moment, and feel the transformation occur.

It was time I followed my own advice. I tapped back into my daily ritual of dance, connecting to my body and letting it guide me. Within the medicine of dance, I discovered what it was that had been missing and I began to bring it forward to others.

I am now in a place of sovereignty, embodiment, self-love and constant evolution so I can serve others in this way. And, being an empath, (a Molecular Empath, to be specific) it allows me to quickly intuit others’ feelings. I sense what you’re going through, seeing your essence clearly and feeling with an understanding on a loving and compassionate level what might be coming up for you so that I can guide you through that space gracefully and without projection.

Revival Dance is my medicine; it is my soul’s work. And I am so honored and grateful to offer it to you.

Your Revival Dance® Guide


“Dana is Unique and Powerful in leading women to a deeper understanding of their body/soul connection. Through movement, she intuitively guides you to a beautiful place you may never have known existed, may have forgotten existed, or through the traumas or stressors of life may have separated from. Her gentle approach, her generosity of spirit, and her powerful intuitive healing techniques come together through this modality of dance to awaken your soul and revive your spirit.”

Artist, Women's soul coach, and Free Spirit

Lisa Bailey-Schindehette

“With strength, gentleness, grace and love, Dana guides you through a wave of going inward, deeply listening to your body’s wisdom, shedding what is no longer serving, and finally, claiming and embodying your truest and most powerful essence in the world. Beautifully held, the experience for me was the perfect invitation and container to drop into a sense of deep love for myself. Thank you, beautiful Dana!”

Founder of Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute

Katie Asmus

“Yes. Thank you. More Please! Having limited experience with these types of offerings I wasn't sure what to expect. I did know that I could trust Dana to hold a powerful and safe container so I went in open hearted and curious. And, Wow! So thrilled that I did. Dana set a beautiful container of sacred space and guided me on a journey of self exploration I would never have anticipated. Her guidance allowed me to feel completely free to follow my own impulses. At times I was completely still and at others I noticed myself moving in ways I'd maybe never had before. Her music choices were impeccable. In the end I was deeply nourished and left in a truly blissful state. Dana's offering of Revival Dance is a gift. One that I would highly recommend you give yourself.”

Energy Healer

Maureen D, Boulder CO

Is Revival Dance for you?

If you…

  • Want to incorporate a nurturing sacred practice into your life, but you’re not sure how to do that

  • Are currently struggling with setting and protecting boundaries in your life and your relationships

  • Have fallen out of love with your body, challenged with low self-worth and ridden with shame and guilt

  • Wish you had more energy, self-love and optimism

  • Long to shine your light and give yourself permission to be the fullest expression of who you are

  • Are ready to reclaim your power

  • Seek connection with something bigger greater, grander

  • Longing to embrace your sensitive, empathetic, compassionate, purpose-driven and fun-loving nature

  • Are ready to awaken to the powerful divine feminine within

  • Are longing to embody what it feels like to be wild and free...

Then YES, Revival Dance is for you!

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your true self, from your body, dimming your divine light, and in turn feeling constricted…confined…lost, then it’s time to come back home, home to your divine self.  If you long to remember who you are and how it feels to experience her in your beautiful body, then you’re ready for Revival Dance!

Revival Dance®
RE-Awaken, Reclaim and Revive Your Innate Spirit - Your 11-week guided online journey through movement starts May 15, 2019.

How does it work?

Over the course of 11 weeks together, I will guide you through the nine portals of Revival Dance with two weeks of integration in between. You will be held, supported, guided every step of the way! 

Remember that you will also be in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Each one of us can create magic through movement.
Find your own brand of magic through Revival Dance.  

Dance has been scientifically shown to decrease people’s sense of limitation and help them rediscover their true nature. Movement itself is a kind of energy healing – it releases stuck energies in the body as well as incorporating energy tools that build sovereignty, embodiment and empowerment. Dance is a therapeutic way to increase vitality and life-force, awakening one’s own energy.  Studies have shown that dance can decrease depression, improve mood, and strengthen positive feelings about one’s self overall.

This program gives you a beautiful balance of both structure and freedom…. A guided exploration and space within which to be fully free! It doesn’t matter what you believe. It doesn’t matter how you move. There is no judgement. You get to choose to release the burden of expectations and rediscover the carefree child and joyful wild woman that still lives inside you.

If you’ve ever struggled to…

  • shake off your inhibitions

  • silence your inner critic

  • accept and embody your sensitivity

  • center yourself in your body

  • access the wisdom of your heart

  • feel the beauty of your body and your divine essence

  • find a practice that feels absolutely right…

…then Revival Dance is perfect for you.  

No special equipment
No previous training
No burdensome commitment
No travel

Just you, me, an internet connection, a little space, a lot of heart.

Your Revival Dance Practice will always be there for you, whenever you need to:

  • Feel whole, connected and free again so you can shine your light and be fully self-expressed in the world

  • Fall back in love with your body so you can let go of the pain and suffering of self-deprecation and actually see and feel your own divine beauty

  • Source more energy and joy while you let go of adversity and shame, reconnect with your fierce inner fire and feel alive again

  • Release stuck energies that no longer serve you so you can clear yourself of unnecessary overwhelm and emotional overload that bog you down and drain your life force

  • Reclaim your power and sovereignty so you can stand in your truth, beauty and awaken the divine feminine within you 

  • Experience your divine essence, remember who you are and show up in the world unapologetically as you, with reverence and delight

  • Know you’re enough and that you belong once and for all

  • Love yourself completely and shed any and all beliefs you have of yourself around unworthiness so you can fully accept and embody who you are

It’s your opportunity to unfurl your wings and fly. To feel your essence again and reclaim who you are.

Nothing pains me more than to witness a woman deny her own beauty, truth and power. It is within you and is you! Revival Dance will lead you back to that space within you where you will experience your own beauty, truth and power like never before! 

It is YOUR birthright!


“Before Revival Dance, I was looking for a way to reconnect with myself, to remember and reclaim what has been lost along the way. To stop being what others want me to be. To not be a chameleon (adjusting so that others are comfortable). To be comfortable in my own skin and let bright light shine. Before Revival Dance I was numb, going through the monotony of life. Hiding my light so that others don't feel uncomfortable, digging myself in a deeper and deeper hole. Since working with Dana I have reconnected with my younger self, remembering how I was as a young girl, so carefree, happy and full of love. During one of the portal’s, I very clearly saw and felt as though I was in the ocean. I was swimming from the bottom to the top toward the sun. The closer I got the happier I felt. The past is under me, the future bright. Your poem, "What the Ocean Taught Me" was perfectly timed! Revival Dance is so rejuvenating and you will truly feel revived! ”

Current Participant

“I wasn't sure why I wanted to join the course... But I felt like I wanted to feel more in touch with and aware of my body and the feminine aspects of it. Plus - I love dance. I often feel disconnected from my body and ungrounded. I wanted to see how dance and sound can connect within me. It’s something I work on a lot, but dancing forces me to be present and the questions asked to reflect as we dance provide a point of focus. When looking for guidance, we don't always know what questions to answer. I realised whilst dancing that old wounds were still present - how afraid I still was of myself for example. I only saw this through this dance. I was able to see, speak, comfort, feel myself and learn to accept all that I saw. I'd say this so far has been a magical experience! If you want to really sense your body, and embrace who you are as a soul, this course can do this.”

Energy Field Healer

Yemi Taiwo

“I joined Revival Dance because I wanted to get rid of any layers that were not serving my highest good, anything that was blocking me subconsciously so that I can really own my authentic self and, also to tap into the Divine Feminine within, which I felt that I did not fully embody. Since starting Revival Dance I feel empowered, some parts of myself that I had lost or gave away have returned. I also feel more creative and have started to draw, something I haven't done in oh so many moons :) I also feel that I want to adorn myself with beauty and own the power of the divine feminine more so. I am setting intentions regarding the health of my body and confidently staying on track. I have been observing myself, the shifts, and have been holding space and gentleness. I have also been giving myself permission to do things that make me feel good without feeling guilty for doing so. This was a tricky one for me. Revival dance is an awesome way to move through any blockages you may have. Through this movement we let go and it guides you into the fullness of your being, moving you through states of letting go, surrendering and bringing us to our authentic selves”

Anna Fabbian

"Revival Dance helps access parts of you faster than any talk therapy ever will. I can't explain it, you have to experience it."

Fast Action Bonuses

  • Bonus #1
    Register by 5/5 (11:59 PM ET)

    Access to three additional group calls via Zoom with me for added support, laser coaching and Q&A, held in between the 3rd, 6th, and final weeks. Calls will be recorded if you can't attend live.

  • Bonus #2
    Register by 5/8 (11:59 PM ET)

    Receive a free MP3 of my Body-Soul Revival Movement Meditation to deepen into your practice with your body and your spirit.

Full 11 week program plus bonuses valued at $1444 only $444

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does this program go for?

    It will go for a total of 11 weeks. Starting on May 15th and concluding on July 31st.

  • When will I have access to the course material and portals?

    You will have access to the program and first portal on January 23rd, the day the program begins and I will intentionally reveal the portals weekly as the journey continues. Get excited!

  • What if I can’t make the live calls?

    There will be replays available within 24 hours after the live call has been complete. I always recommend being on the live calls as much as possible but if your schedule does not allow, they are just as powerful as the recording!

  • What if I don’t live in the United States? Can I attend?

    Yes absolutely! With glorious technology, you can tune in from anywhere in the world!

  • Can I take this program at my own pace?

    Yes, however I do recommend committing to being with us along the way of the journey. You will always have the calls, mp3’s and all the material in the back office for a lifetime, and have the option of taking it over and over again at your own leisure.

  • Do I need to know how to dance?

    Absolutely not! However, I gather that you can! Dance is truly just moving your body to the rhythms it wants to express and that’s why we’re here, to get in tune with that very rhythm, and the best part is that you will be dancing in the comfort of your own home! ALL rhythms are welcome here!

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Here at Body Divinity, we are totally and completely invested in your transformation so we do not offer refunds once you register. The reason this policy has been implemented is so that we can ensure we call in committed participants only.

    I also am very confident that if you follow along with us, commit to yourself and invest in the process, you will see value and transformation. We take this work very seriously & maintain a very high standard of positivity, commitment, encouragement & inspired growth for you and the others that join!

    I do understand however that detrimental circumstances do come up and if that were to be the case, you can always direct any inquiries or questions about this to myself at for further discussion.

Register by May 1, 2019 to receive all THREE BONUSES!

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"My soul and inner child wanted to dance and I honored the call. Desire for freedom, be in the flow. I also wanted to give my body a way to express herself. Since starting Revival Dance and honoring a need for playful dance, I have been able to have a regular self-care practice consisting of daily yoga and meditation that I had been resisting for a long time."